BIOGRAPHY Hunter grew up drinking from the springs of the Blue Ridge Mountains and considers south-western Virginia his land. After high school, he chose to forgo college -an institution rapidly becoming antiquated- and instead developed a sense of fine craftsmanship under the tutelage of Richard Taylor.  Since then, Hunter has continued exploring. He began illustrating commercially in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Helped develop the Research and Eco-tourism facility at Sumak Kawsay in Situ in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and now lives in Southern Utah, continuing his pursuit of nature,  craft, and understanding.​

STATEMENT I am consumed by questions that are altogether routine in human history; but that isn't to say they are unremarkable. The human experience is a universal one. My experience is, I would presume, like yours. Nonetheless, I focus on retelling these stories as I've seen them. I take great care for intentionality both technically and symbolically, in crafting these stories; and while the medium often changes, my approach remains the same: Remain a student, subject myself to pain, and fight my own fear of losing control with an almost compulsive attention to detail and intention. My mission is not to change anyones mind, it isn't to teach anything; my motivation is based in curiosity. I sing because I love the sound. I am another pattern seeker: obsessed and intoxicated by myself.