© 2018 by Hunter Ballantine Bell

Created by Nature, inspired by the wild.

  My mission is to break down the barrier humanity has erected between itself and the rest of nature. I employ a system of symbols and storytelling to establish a dialogue that criticizes the existence, and consequential degradation, of civilization. The vivid colors and energetic, organic textures of my colored pencil and ink drawings respectively develop a vivacious theme that further presents the nourishing effect of humble intimacy. While promoting the wellbeing of our society through the advocacy of nature, I strive to tell a comprehensive story with each piece as intricate and entertaining as the detail I use. I develop such art as a dance of busy composition; highly detailed yet loose, hypo-realist technique; and imaginative subject matter to accomplish a dreamlike mood. 


Our society has defined itself by a disease responsible for the symptoms that plague not only the species but the rest of the world: The disease of dissociation, or a deluded state of anthropocentrism. As a result of identifying ourselves in spite of nature rather than as a part of it, we are wracked with anxiety, poverty, and obesity. In exchange for our health, we have received the power to sustain a globalized civilization. Instead of balance, we live in an anti-environment of machines and over-abundance that allows us to live an unnatural life of avoidance, this conflict is the epidemic of convenience. We are made to be animals, so we must live like them. If we are to embrace technology, we must embrace the inevitable side-affects with the awareness that achieving a synthetic utopia is idealistic by its nature.

Hunter was born and raised drinking Blue Ridge Mountain water and considers south-western Virginia his home. After high school, he chose to forgo college -an institution that he believes is rapidly becoming antiquated- and instead developed a sense of  fine craftsmanship under the tutelage of Richard Taylor, while creating beautiful concrete counters.  He then moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to begin developing his career as a fine artist and dabbled in commercial art under the mentorship of Mutope Johnson and the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network. From there he returned to Virginia as a muralist, where he continues to experiment and search for his niche. Hunter doesn't plan on letting his feet rest any time soon, but he does plan on leaving his mark everywhere he goes.




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